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General Fund Donations

Donations to our General Fund will be used to further the various activities of our ministry. This allows us the greatest flexibility in accomplishing our mission, and allows your gift of support to be as effective as possible!  We work in three primary arenas: Education, Church, and Government. Your donation will be used to further the mission of WallBuilders and educate everyone possible in these three groups (and anyone else as well) regarding the Christian history and foundation of our great Nation.

Designated Projects

Pastors Briefing

Our Congressional Pastors' Briefings (usually held in Washington, DC) provide pastors and ministry leaders the opportunity to hear directly from Godly congressional and executive leaders about current legislative issues facing our nation, and helps equip them to educate and train their congregations with the necessary resources to make a measurable difference on the local level. Your gift will allow us to continue to offer this briefing free of charge to all pastors and ministry leaders.

Pro-Family Legislative Network

Our Pro-Family Legislative Network (PFLN) serves to make sure that strong, pro-family support and education is available to government leaders across the nation. PFLN holds an annual conference for legislators and their spouses to help educate them on issues of concern, network with other Pro-Family leaders, and encourage them in their difficult positions . Many State legislators serve on a shoe-string budget, and your gift will help us provide scholarships, education on Pro-Family legislation,  and defray the expenses for these conferences.


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